Import custom fields

Do you want to import data for a custom field, for example, because you only enabled the field after the registration for your event was already open? It is possible to import multiple values at once.

An import is a spreadsheet that should look as follows:

ID Value
1 101 Example 1
2 102 Example 2
3 103 Example 3

The ID in the first column can be a registration number, purchase ID or order number, and belongs to the registration, purchase or order that you want to import a value for. The second column contains the value that should be imported into the custom field.

Hint: it is not necessary to include a header row with column titles.

By making an export of either registration or purchases you can obtain the IDs you will need for your import. Depending on the type of field that you want to import data for, you will have to choose an export type. Use the table below to help decide which export you need.

Field type ID present in export
Ticket field Registrations
Product field Purchases
Order field Registrations and purchases

Hint: still not sure what your import should look like? While adding an import in Atleta, an example import will be shown for the specific field that you want to import data for.

After making and opening the export, you will need to isolate the IDs that you want to import data for. Place only the IDs in an empty spreadsheet, in the first column. Next, add the values that you want to import in the second column.

Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. You're now ready to upload it to Atleta. Atleta will analyse the file for potential problems, and show you a summary of the results. If no problems are found, you can go ahead an finalise the import. However, if Atleta does find problems, you have two options:

  1. Finalise the import anyway, skipping all invalid rows, and only importing the valid rows.
  2. Go back to your spreadsheet, correct the invalid rows, and try again.

To summarise:

  1. Make an export of registrations or purchases.
  2. Isolate registration numbers, purchase IDs or order numbers.
  3. Place the IDs in a new spreadsheet, in column 1, and add the values to import in column 2.
  4. Save the file as CSV and upload it to Atleta.
  5. Review the results and finalise the import, or try again.

Participant dashboard

If the custom field should not be seen and edited by participants, disable the custom field at Your event > Fields.