Assigning ticket numbers manually

You can manually assign ticket numbers if you want to deviate from Atleta's standard ticket number assignments. For example, you will have to assign ticket numbers manually if a participant's ticket number depends on their result of last year, or if they made a special request to have a specific ticket number.

Follow these three steps below to manually assign ticket numbers.

1.Create an export of your registrations 

Go to the participant overview and, using the filters on the left hand side, create a selection of the participants you want to manually assign a ticket number. Make sure you select the right ticket filters. It's no problem if some participants who should not receive a manual ticket number end up in this selection, just try to make the selection as narrow as possible. Next, create an export.

2.Open the spreadsheet and add your ticket numbers 

Open the downloaded export using an application such as Excel. You should see a list of all ticket purchases in your selection. Remove the rows that you do not want to assign a manual ticket number to. Next, after the second column which contains the Registration number, insert a new column. Enter your ticket numbers in this column. Your spreadsheet should look as follows:

Make sure the second column contains the Registration number and the third column contains the ticket number you want to assign.  

3.Copy the values of your spreadsheet and paste them into the box in Atleta 

After you're done entering ticket numbers in the spreadsheet, select all the cells in the second and third columns (so the Registration numbers and ticket numbers), and copy the values. Do not include the header rows. Next, simply paste the values in the box in Atleta and click Save sequence: