Send messages to participants

Creating your message

Sending a message to the dashboard of your participants from within Atleta is easy to do. Open up Atleta and go to the communication tab. Press the add message button, choose an event and a title. This title will only be visible to the organisation and not the participants.

Fill in a subject, some content and a publication date and time. Press the save message button and switch from invisible to published. The message will be published on the given date and time. To erase your message, click on the arrow and select delete.

Choosing your audience

When your message is finished select your targeted audience at the audience tab. You can select people with specific tickets, products, ticket numbers or people with an incomplete ticket. Participants with an incomplete ticket didn't fill out all the required fields in their dashboard.

When your audience selection is complete, click the save message button. Your selected group of participants can read your message in their personal dashboard. 

Send an e-mail

You might want to send out your message as an e-mail. Atleta can do that for you. Go to the Send tab and see if your targeted audience is set up right by clicking on the recipients. If this looks fine, hit send! Atleta will ask if this message should be sent to all participants in the selected audience or to a specific person.  

The e-mail will look as smooth as Atleta's automated messages.