Add coupons

Navigate to the event where you want to apply the discount via the Events tab. Go to Coupons and click on the Add coupon button.

Think about how your participants will be able to apply this coupon? Set the value and the code participants will have to use to apply.

  • Enter a coupon code
  • Choose a percentage or an absolute amount and enter a value
  • Indicate to which tickets and products the coupon provides discount
  • Choose a period in which this coupon will be available, and choose how many times the coupon can be used
  • Add the coupon 

Generate multiple coupon codes

Need a lot of coupon codes? Generate a list of unique coupon codes that can each be used at most once.

Go back to edit your coupon code and add the bottom of the page click at the generate button. Enter the number of coupon codes you want to generate and again hit generate. You can now download the coupon codes and share them with your participants. Use the coupon codes in mailings or on printed adds.