Accept payments with Mollie

Atleta has a partnership with Mollie. Mollie safely connects you to all major payment methods, such as credit cards, iDEAL and Bancontact. Mollie collects your money and pays it out to you directly. Atleta fees are automatically deducted.

Step 1: Connect to Mollie

You need to create an account with Mollie in order to receive payments. Don't worry, the process is simple.

  • Click on the arrow at the top right next to your organisation name and go to settings
  • In the payments tab click on the Connect via Mollie button

Step 2: Allow access

  • Click the Lets get started button in the next screen, create a Mollie account or login to your existing account and allow access. You will be send back to Atleta and are now connected with Mollie.

Step 3: Complete your information

If you created a new Mollie account you will need to complete the Mollie onboarding process to receive payments. Click on the Complete onboarding button and fill out all the required information in the Mollie dashboard.

  • Fill out your organisation details 
  • Provide the stakeholder details
  • Select payment methods
  • Upload indentification
  • Add your bank account

You're done. Return to Atleta, in the mean time Mollie will check your details. Once your account is verified you will receive an email. This might take a while.