Activate fundraising for your event

Participants in events organized through Atleta can link their participation to a good cause. When the participant chooses this, an fundraising page is automatically created. With this page, the participant can then easily collect donations for charity. This works with Supporta. Supporta is an integration that you can activate from Atleta.

This is how it works:

Go to Atleta, click on an event and go to the Fundraising tab. Click get started.

There are three options.


Participants cannot create an action page directly from the registration form.


Participants are given the option during registration for your event to also create their own action page. You can allow all goals registered with Supporta or show a selection yourself.


Participants are required to create a campaign page and collect money for a good cause. In this way you can organize an event specifically for a good cause.

3. It works. Participants can now choose a goal and, after successful registration, receive an e-mail from Supporta containing a link to their own action page.

4. As an organization you do not have to do any extra work to activate Supporta. For questions related to fundraising, refer participants to the Supporta helpdesk or the charity.

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